What is your photographic style?

I use the “reportage” style, a spontaneous style that does not involve posing. I try to be as discreet as possible so as not to interfere with your day and therefore making it totally yours. I tell what really happens and, if nothing happens, cannot capture much… If you would like your day to be special try to render it unique with emotional moments, details, such as, lighting that creates the right atmosphere during the dances, but above all ensuring that the guests participate as much as possible to render each situation photographically interesting. Help me to make your day unique.

Do you shoot classic photos?

It is important to remember that the “reportage” style does not guarantee the presence of all the guests in the photographs. If you would like to ensure that all the guests are photographed please ask me for a group photo or for photos with your parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, or best man and bridesmaids. Perhaps you could help me with a written list of the groups that you would like included.
I’d be glad to incorporate them.

Do you only work in Tuscany?

No. I can work all over Italy and abroad. Clearly the price will vary according to the distance to the location. Please contact me for a detailed quotation.

Do you prefer to shoot alone or with a second photographer?

Shooting as a pair allows two different points of view for every situation, not just on the wedding couple but also on the guests and on details. When the commission is for an entire day I will always have a second photographer with me to have possibility of shooting the preparations of the bride and the groom contemporarily. For photographic services of only a few hours I shoot alone.

Is the album included in the price of the photographic service?

The album is not included in the price because, when working with wedding couples of various nationalities, not all couples are interested in having printed photographs. Naturally I can offer you a vast selection of albums, traditional or not. The albums that I use are all handmade in Italy.

Do you offer video services?

I concentrate exclusively on photography in order to always offer my client the maximum quality provided by professionals specialised in their work and not those who do a bit of everything. Therefore I rely on external video services that have my “reportage” vision, who use natural light and not various spotlights, and above all who work in harmony with me. It is important that the photographer and videographer are co-ordinated for a good service. If you choose me as your wedding photographer I would be happy to put you directly in contact with them so that you can handle this service autonomously.

How much time does it take to deliver the photographs?

The photographs are usually delivered after 4 – 6 months. I like to follow all the phases of my work, from taking the photographs to the final postproduction. Having lived the moments of the day, and photographed the emotions, I cannot trust others to handle the final part of my work. Therefore if I am working taking photographs during the “wedding season” I cannot physically be in the studio doing postproduction work. I believe that it is better to wait a month longer and have a great result than have a less caring service. I love giving my best in all stages of my work.

How will you deliver my photographs?

The photographs of the day will be supplied on a USB key, or online gallery, according to your preference. All the files will be delivered in high resolution and will include my selection of the most significant shots.
The selection is made by the photographer simply because the story of your day is seen through their eyes.

How much will we spend for our wedding photographic service?

It is very difficult to set a price in advance because each wedding service is different. Please contact me to discuss your requirements in detail so that I can price accordingly.
One thing that I would say though, having myself married, is that I know that it costs a lot to organise the wedding day to be the best. iI is also true that for all the money spent on the various services the only things that will remain as a record will be your photographs. It is therefore indispensable that you give this service the correct importance.

We have heard around that there are photographers at various prices. What do you have that is different from the others?

Yes, you’re right, there is a jungle of prices around and I’d like to dwell on it a bit.
Meanwhile, my first advice is to choose only professional photographers and not a friend, acquaintance or, even worse, somebody who does it to supplement their income.

I decided to specialise in one sector, to open a studio, and thereby give guarantees to my clients. The wedding day is too important, is unique and cannot be left in the hands of a person that does not offer guarantees.

Our studio is formed by myself and my husband Damiano, both professional wedding photographers, and at the most will take on no more than two weddings on the same day to ensure the constant presence of one of us because it is only right that you are photographed by the person you have selected and not by “the lad in the shop”.

We are also part of numerous organisations, both national and international, which are important both guaranteeing a quality of work as well as reassuring our clients by providing contracts endorsed by the National Wedding Photographers Association.
We are also known by the Curia di Firenze (Diocesan Administration of Florence) as professional photographers accredited for photography in all churches.

And finally what is there left to say…
Why am I different to another photographer?
If looking at my shots has made you feel emotional then I think that I have succeeded in answering the question!


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